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Sophie Lizoulet

About me

Welcome to Happy People House,

My name is Sophie Lizoulet, I am a psychotherapist and I guide you through professional and private life transitions.
My singularity is to work with you, on your story, in a creative journal.
Through creativity, in addition to words, you will find a source of calm and pleasure in your daily life.

How do we work together? You tell me your story and your experiences which gradually will fill in the diary. On your story you put words, pictures, photos, drawings and collages. During the sessions, you take a step back on your life, you pull away from the noise and solutions appear. This creative journey, is the key for you to find pleasure and heal. By the time you open your journal, the solution is already being born because what you are doing is an essential action.

 Sophie Lizoulet

Sophie Lizoulet

Psychotherapist - Phototherapist

This journal helped me turn around my life. For a long time, I would write down my aspirations, my doubts, my desires because I wasn’t always a psychotherapist. After earning a Master’s degree in communication sciences in Boston, USA, I became Packaging Operations Director for large multinationals for over 18 years on 3 continents. The life of a manager allowed me to become aware of the great stress that some people felt and to guide them at their work place. And then one day, I left this life to dedicate my activity exclusively to therapy.

My diary or creative journal has been with me for a long time. I have a whole collection. It helped me manage, my professional life transition, as well as the discovery of my son’s autism 16 years ago. At that time it was a grief diary, the mourning of the dreamed child, the mourning of the perfect family. My journal allows me to put a structure around what I am experiencing. It is a reassuring framework, it is also a faithful friend!

Subsequently I added photography as a therapeutic tool, to tell the story of my chronic illness and our life with autism.

I specialize in areas I have personally experienced :

      • Professional and private life transitions
      • Burnout
      • Emotion regulation
      • Grief
      • Chronic illnesses and handicap

My tools :

      • Transactional Analysis
      • Phototherapy : to tell ones stories through photography
      • Therapeutic creative journal : structuring creative tool
      • Body-mapping : creative painting on xtra large format
      • Mindfulness

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