Coach Les Bons Villers – Bernard Gatez

About me

After 25 years in different financial departments, I followed un way with two coaches. It was a revelation for me. I decided to become coach as well to be able to bring light to you.

Certified ACC coach by ICF, having a ACTP graduation through the Coaching Ways Belgium’s school, I drive you towards the changes for an improvement, with news ideas, with…..

The goals are to overcome his fears you have according to a situation, a behave, a part of yourself that limits you. In fact, find the way for a better mindset, for a better “do-it-yourself”.
I let you appear your different intelligences.

I support you in different reality such as :

  • Have a better professional view, deal your private and professional lifes, change your professional futur.
  • What can be done after a burnout ?
  • Discuss with students and unblock them in relation to concrete situations
  • Coaching in real estate
  • Business changes (Management changes, Business plan, Culture coach,….)
  • Retrieve a positive mindset
  • Have limits regarding outside
  • Stress managment, find tools regarding difficult events.
  • And so on…

Young, Adult, worker, manager, ill or unemployed, I ensure you a confident relation with kindness.
My tools : An active listening, reformulation, a powerful questioning. Using tools : PNL, drivers, BGS, Life Flow, Dramatic triangle, Enneagram, ….

Bernard Gatez

Bernard Gatez


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