Philosopher-Therapist Brussels – Christine Mullebrouck

About me

The quest for meaning in front of the sufferings and the evil in life has guided my whole life.

I responded in various ways, never giving up this search :
I did a master’s degree in philosophy
I workin in different small psychiatric institutions
I worked myself through a long personal psychoanalysis ans still undergo supervision for the work I do

I participate to seminars and gave courses in both philosophy and psychoanalysis (both have become inseparable in my work).

I lived abroad and received for 12 years (in the United Arab Emirates, Tanzania, Chile and Bulgaria), expanding my encounters and raising my awareness of cultural differences.

I receive adults in serious pain or in major questioning, and individually.

Any questioning is welcome, from the moment that the personal desire to find an answer is strong enough.

Any questioning is legitimate, whether labeled in a known form or not, (exhaustion, burn-out, addiction problems, anxieties related to particular personal situations, situations of physical disorders without specific physical diagnosis, bulimia or anorexia, complicated relationships, questions concerning the sexual, the procreation, the family ….).

I use my philosophical knowledge to help you feel empowered in your way of speaking, to refocus the things you said, to punctuate an end of our session.

I speak french, dutch and english. I receive in Anderlecht.

Christine Mullebrouck

Christine Mullebrouck

Philosopher - Therapist

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