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About me

To be at the side of somebody facing a difficult moment in his/her life means to listen to one’s experience without judgment, to seek together what the underlying resources and needs might be.

My work is driven by a wish to take care of people, to respect the path, experience, needs and wants that are different for each one of us. It is also guided by my own life experiences, personal work, continuing education and belonging to communities of professionals.

Sometimes we face situations that make us feel like we don’t know how to cope with events on our own. I imagine that one could request counseling in case of a crisis, because of persistent discomfort, difficulties of self-confidence or relationship problems.

My approach is aimed at adults and adolescents. It is based on Gestalt therapy, which views the person in his/her emotional, bodily, rational, social and spiritual dimensions.

Emmanuelle Lamberty

Emmanuelle Lamberty


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