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About me

I am psychotherapist, life coach and qualified family mediator. My job and passion is to help people and families to overcome life’s difficulties and rebuild themselves.

With a background in family law and as a legal advisor in European law.

I became acquainted with mediation in 2005, during discussions in the European Commission on alternative dispute resolution methods.

In my family law practice I often met desperate and angry people and couples, who were plunged into a conflict which was not healthy for them and their live.

So I wanted to help them in a different way, by easing conflict and helping them to find solutions for the end of their relationship and to rebuild themselves.
That is why in 2006 I became a qualified family mediator.

Mediation is not only used in cases of divorces and separations, therefore I had the chance to help people who wanted to continue their life together by overcoming blockages which had been created, both in couples and between parents and children.

In parallel to the training as mediator, I wanted to deepen the brief psychotherapy whose tools are used in Mediation. Brief therapy is a model of psychotherapy born in Palo Alto (California), focused on the present moment. This allows people to overcome their difficulties by confronting them “here and now”.

I’ve been working for 10 years with brief therapy, to which I added life coaching to help people thrive and rebuild. This allows me to help people who want a change in their live, to find ways to put it in place.

On the other hand, with family law, mediation, psychotherapy and coaching, I have a wide and complete knowledge that also allows me to accompany families who lost their harmony to find it again and be a place to realize themselves.

My sessions can take place in French, Italian and English. I receive you in Kraainem or in Etterbeek.

Maria Cimaglia

Maria Cimaglia


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