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About me

I am a U.S. trained art therapist based in Brussels. In my practice, I integrate art-making with the person-centered approach to work with my clients.

For a long time, art has served as my “daily detox” for years. The process of choosing art material, as well as using it for self-expression, has been powerful and therapeutic. Being an art therapist, I have seen many of my clients explore their inner selves and grow through the art-making process. I have a Master’s degree in Art Therapy from the School of Visual Arts in New York. I have worked in the United States, Taiwan, and Belgium with diverse populations.

My approach aims to empower and motivate individuals to grow. In addition, being an expat, I understand the difficulties of acculturation in which culture shock and cultural adaption are the main challenges in daily lives.
I am driven by a strong passion for working and supporting people transitioning to a new country. Having worked at an adult day rehabilitation program, a drug rehabilitation, and a summer school program in different countries, I bring my experiences and expertise into my practice to help clients achieve their goals.

Art therapy is beneficial for a wide variety of individuals, including people dealing with mental health issues, such as depression or panic attacks, as well as people who are recovering from traumatic experiences or substance abuse. Art therapy also helps people with developmental disabilities, autism, and learning disabilities. Moreover, art therapy is used in hospitals to help patients with severe medical conditions like cancer or chronic illness.

In the course of art therapy sessions, you will learn:

• To relieve stress and anxiety.
• To better manage and contain overwhelming emotions.
• To build self-confidence and learn about yourself more.
• To develop problem-solving skills and to increase frustration tolerance.
• To resolve conflicts.

I offer therapy sessions in English and Mandarin Chinese.

Haylie Chang

Haylie Chang


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