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Hello, I am passionate about life and everything I do. I’m sporty and I practised acrobatic gymnastics during my teenage years which gave me a taste for discipline, rigour and most importantly, well-being. Now I play tennis and swim to keep my physique up, as energy and well-being are essential.


After a course in external trade, I turned my hand to the high-calibre clothing industry, jewellery and interior decoration for Versace for approximately ten years, in sales and management positions. This was a particularly rich experience for learning, results and managing human relations.

In 2007, I decided to pursue a new course for my life, so I handed in my resignation to dedicate myself to the incredible journey of entrepreneurship.
But before all of that, I needed to take some time out, so I took a sabbatical year to reflect on my new life. I travelled to Africa on a safari and that allowed me to get away from trodden paths and completely break away from my usual context, so I could let my creativity run free and find my true path.


After this sabbatical year, I began studying again as my new job required essential competences and know-how to mentor my future clients successfully, especially to ensure they achieved measurable results. This career choice was self-evident as from a young age I have always loved listening to, supporting and motivating those around me.

I attended a Belgian coaching school for 2 years and training in the USA where I was trained by Anthony Robbins, No 1 international coach.

Then I studied Applied Neurosciences – a very powerful tool for stress management and neurolinguistic programming – as strategies for success versus failure, limiting versus dynamic beliefs, changing your life story and many other tools were a revelation to me and ‘what can be more harmonious than sharing and accompanying others along paths that you have followed yourself?’

After this experience, giving me a rich and varied toolbox, I still encountered a few situations where I felt I needed an even stronger, amplifying tool than those that I already practised; ‘hypnosis’ filled that gap, even if I had already been indirectly practising this technique with my clients as my training in coaching and neurolinguistic programming had already given us the groundworks.

Having practised coaching for over 6 years now is an excellent basis for hypnosis and this greatly facilitates the process and the results with my clients. Combining different tools and practices allows hypnosis to be a natural amplifier of what is already present, so results are automatically influenced and amplified.

Whoever you are, if:

      • you want to free yourself from limiting and paralysing beliefs and harmful or even destructive habits
      • you need to boost your confidence and your self-esteem
      • you would like to give more meaning to your life
      • you need to add value and gain more results in your present life
      • you would like to rediscover a work-life balance

The price for individual and couple consultations is 150€ for 90 min, the following consultations will cost 100€ for 60 min.
The price for a hypnosis session is 80€ for 60 min.
The price for a family consultation is 200€ for 120 min.

Contact me as your fulfilment and success cannot wait!

Liza Zerafi

Liza Zerafi


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