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Life Coach – Watermael-Boitsfort – Teresa Yates

teresa yates coach bruxellesAs an ICF certified life coach, I support clients who are seeking to reach their full potential and to build a life that is in line with their core values. My wish is to accompany you, in a non-judgemental and safe space, towards reaching your goals.

These goals are yours to decide. What life’s challenges are you currently facing ? How would you like your life to be different ?

Among other things, coaching can allow you to :

  • Gain in autonomy
  • Become the actor of your life, rather than an observer
  • Increase your self esteem and self confidence
  • Apprehend major life transitions, both personal and professional
  • Develop projects that are meaningful to you
  • Better manage your emotions and stress

Through a specific process of questioning, coaching will allow to undo your usual defence mechanisms and beliefs so as to reveal obstacles on the one hand, and more importantly, the potential and resources that are within you. Coaching can therefore be a little destabilising. It also requires from you that you show commitment, motivation, and that you take responsibility. You will indeed be asked, between each session, to put into practice actions that you will have committed to. In short, by being an actor in the process, you will be able to reach your goals faster and more lastingly.

Who am I ?

Next to my coaching activities, I also work as a political analyst, part time. Previously, I worked on refugee issues, and before that in finances. In my everyday life, I enjoy travelling, reading, gardening and running. I also like to play the piano and trying new things. But most of all I love to spend time with friends and family. I believe that my career changes and life experiences have allowed me to better understand the core values that drive me today, such as openness, trustworthiness, sharing and the search for meaning.

I am also the proud mother of two teenage girls. They teach me everyday about myself, about communication, and also about how to better apprehend the world.

Over the last years, I have developed a particular interest for sustainable development, not only in terms of the impact that we have on the environment, but also in terms of lifestyle (consumption issues, decluttering, search for simplicity, work-life balance, etc.).

My wish is to share all of this with you and to accompany you towards a more meaningful and successful life.

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Do you questions that are still unanswered (for example how a therapist or counselor can assist you to find solutions to your problems)? Simply make an appointment via our secretariat, or send an email to the secretariat of Therapist Belgium, to the attention of any of the therapists or counselors on the website.

Psychotherapy sessions

What is fascinating in many of our psychotherapy sessions, is the relatively limited time that is needed before the therapists understands your problem and has a clear picture of it. When you come to your consultation session and tell your therapist about your problem, we will first of all consider together how this problem occurs, where it comes from and the impact it has on you and your life.

New in Brussels: Virtual Reality Therapy

Through a combination of 3-dimensional computer simulation (Virtual Reality), Virtual Reality Exposure therapy places you in a safe, computer-generated world. Together with a specialised therapist you will work on overcoming your phobia. It's an effective solution to help you deal with (for example):

  • fear of driving
  • fear of flying
  • fear of public speaking
  • claustrophobia
  • arachnophobia
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