Psychotherapist – Coach – Hypnotherapist Villers-la-Ville – Philippe Bétourné

Psychotherapist – Coach – Hypnotherapist Villers-la-Ville – Philippe Bétourné

philippe betourne psychotherapeute coach villers la villeI am a therapist in brief therapies, mind-body trauma, especially post-traumatic stress disorder. I am also very active in life coaching.

I have become a recognised expert, both by my peers and by the media (often invited), and I have also specialised in victimology.

Long experience in Eriksonian hypnosis, which I sometimes combine with EMDR (see all areas covered below).

An experienced EMDR-SBA practitioner who has resolved many cases to date in all the areas listed below.

In my practice, I practice a comprehensive brief therapy approach (5-10 hrs) aimed at quickly eliminating the origin of the causes and “their toxic effects” via various rapid reliving and re-enactment methods.

With a personality – that my patients describe as open, empathetic and pragmatic – i manage to achieve with each of them, and even exceed, the goal they set for themselves when they came through my door.

In recent years, I sometimes combine therapy sessions with personal development coaching (20 years in the field).

You will then find an unexpected development of your life potential, by affirming certain personality traits very positively.

Areas covered:Philippe Bétourné

  • Various forms of abuse;
  • Bereavement including sudden death;
  • Emotional disorders ;
  • Rape – Incest ;
  • Burnout-depression;
  • Stress-anxiety-anxiety ;
  • Attachment disorders ;
  • Couple therapy ;
  • Bullying ;
  • Sexual harassment ;
  • Eating disorders ;
  • Personal development coaching (IXELLOR toolbox) ;
  • Sleep disorders ;
  • Child – Adolescent (D10-EMDR-TIPI).

You hold the solution, I will pilot the process to achieve it!

Never forget that “you are the actor of your change”.

Help me to help you, that is my motto!

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Psychotherapist – Coach Villers-la-Ville | Philippe Bétourné

Psychotherapist – Coach Villers-la-Ville | Philippe Bétourné

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