Psychotherapist – Online – Somayeh McKian

Psychotherapist – Online – Somayeh McKian

somayeh mckian psychotherapeute en ligne

Psychotherapist, Novelist, Researcher.

I’m an Iranian clinical psychologist by training, graduated with a Bachelor in clinical psychology, a Master in general psychology as a top-rank student, at Allamah Tabatabaei University in Iran. I also graduated from Charles University in the Czech Republic with a Master in Gender Studies.

I’m a registered and certified member of the Iranian Association of Psychologists and Consultants. After working as a psychotherapist in my private psychology clinic and other practices in Iran from 2013 onwards, I found my way to Prague in the Czech Republic. It is here that I gathered experience working with expats from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds in the English language.

My main approach is narrative therapy, using life narrative analysis as a psychotherapeutic perspective and psychological assessment with a combination of qualitative methods. In a therapeutic conversation, we edit some chapters of your life story that need more coherency and harmony.

For this I mainly use personal and online sessions, for adults and teenagers (above 14 years old):

  • Individual and couple therapy;
  • Family therapy;
  • Group therapy.

My area of expertise covers:

  • Obesity and overweight, eating disorders, body image disturbances;
  • Stress, anxiety, depression, ADHD, grief, trauma;
  • LGBTQs;
  • Marital dissatisfaction;
  • Relationship and family issues;
  • Teenagers-related fields (identity issues, puberty, sexual orientation, and gender identity);
  • Focusing on personal and professional development (life scenarios);
  • Mental health on an elderly age.

I have presented my articles at more than 20 national and international conferences and published seven international articles in psychology journals. They can be found here:

I am a novelist, writing novels at age 27 and published the first one that was nominated for all Iranian literature prizes as best novel of the year 2018. Then I continued writing besides psychotherapy and published two more novels until now.


Persian: nativeSomayeh McKian 

English: fluent

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Psychotherapist – Online | Somayeh McKian

Psychotherapist – Online | Somayeh McKian

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